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College Activities

Competition : Essay, Short Story, G.K., ( Eng+Hindi) Elocution, (Eng+Hindi) Debate, singing, Poetry, Painting, Art and Fancy dress etc.

Tournaments : Basket Ball, Cricket, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Volley Ball and Athletics etc.



Curricular Activities

1. Prayer Services, Dramas, Fancy Dress, Excursions, Picnics, Educational Tours, Conducting the assembly, teaching and participations in Administration.

2. The principles of honesty, truth, co-operation, self-reliance and hard work are inculcated through these various activities while a high level of individual performance is encouraged and the spirit of team-work is strongly insisted upon. Keen competition on the playground tends to develop sportsmanship gentlemanliness and a healthy spirit of competition.

3. To stimulate interest in these activities a large number of individual and team prizes are awarded.