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Principal's Message

In today's competitive world, MLM is not just academics, sports or general knowledge which makes children confident. A student would need to be a quick thinker, a problem solver and be generally aware. But above all this, a student should primarily be well behaved, honest, courteous and disciplined. He/She should always be cheerful and ready to help others.

In the new scholastic year 2020-2021 apart from academics, our main focus is going to be on DISCIPLINE. In addition to the clauses mentioned in the School diary under the heading RULES AND DISCIPLINE, We give below some more matters of concern :- As always, we count on your whole-hearted support and co-operation to help us achieve success in our efforts for an all-round development of your child.

The school has a unique role to play in the formation of a child. However, I believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and that the school can only assist them. Family is the first school. School can only build on the foundations laid by parents. It is in the family that children learn to develop self-esteem, self-confidence and the many basic human and social values. School can do is to build on the foundations which the home and parents have already laid. Therefore the importance of good family life can never be gainsaid. Home and school, parents and teachers need to be collaborators in the mission of 'educating' our children. We need to play a complementary role.

One cannot but admit the gap that exists between the ideal and the reality. The socio-cultural trends affect the school and the teaching learning process to a great extent. In the 'marks and ranks' ridden society today examination seems to be the most crucial event in a school.

My hope is that parents would be able to spend quality time with their children, helping them to make sense of their desires and experiences, always upholding time tested values and principles. Let us join hands and equip our children with a meaningful education, which provides time and space for the education of their mind, heart and spirit.

I wish to acknowledge gratefully the hard work put in by our editorial board in keeping track of events and presenting a comprehensive picture of what has transpired in the school during the past months.