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Admission Procedure and Withdrawal

1. Application for admission must be made on the school admission form attached here with. Admission is granted on the basis of an entrance test, strictly on merit. Admission in any class shall always be at the discretion of the Principal.

2. No pupil less than three years of age is admitted to Nursery. Four years of age is admitted to L.K.G. Five years of age is admitted to U.K.G.

3. Student who has attended school must produce his/her Transfer Certificate, from the school outside U.P. the certificate must be countersigned by the Inspector of School of the region.

4. A new pupil who, joins fresh from home or from a private school has to produce an official birth certificate such as a Municipal or Baptismal Certificate or Affidavit in support of the date of birth entered in the admission form.

5. A new Pupil who has attended any unrecognized school in Class I and upwards should produce an affidavit (by the parent or guardian before a magistrate). The affidavit should clearly state :-

6. All documents, once submitted, become the property of the college and are not returned.

7. Admission fee together with the first three months fees must be paid at the time of admission.

8. Notice of withdrawal will be charged. Such notice should be given by person responsible for the Pupil.

9. Pupils who leave the school in April must pay the fees for May and June also. Those who leave the college is November will pay the fees for December as well.

10. No transfer Certificate or any other Certificate will be issued till all dues are paid in full.

11. Fees once deposited will not be refunded at any cost.